Green Village Park

City Park “St. George” in Dobrich

Each city has its oasis for relaxation, a place where one can enjoy the beauty of nature, away from the hasty way of life these days. Certainly, that place is the City Park, located in the central parts of the city of Dobrich, which has been welcoming guests and visitors for more than 140 years, offering coziness and beautiful nature. All started back in 1867 when the City Council of Hadzhi Oglu Pazardzhik granted the amount of 1380 Groschen for the purchase of trees. Then, on the unpretentious 15 decares of land, a park is built, becoming the 2nd oldest garden in Bulgaria at that time. Living witnesses to this day are the 6 ash trees with declared protected status, located at the very beginning of the park.

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